What is a tree

Exhibition curated by Nimmi Naidoo

Oxfordshire Artweeks 2022. Laura Middleton, Nimmi Naidoo, Karen Purple and Annabel Ralphs showed ongoing research notes and works-in-progress. Together they created a three dimensional sketchbook as they each explore ‘what is a tree’.

The Drawing Room at Wilcote Art

Karen Purple 10th July 2019 I and 10th July 2019

Annabel Ralphs Grid, Laura Middleton Axis Mundi, Nimmi Naidoo Plant inks, Natural Pigments, Tree I,Tree II, Cross Section.

Nimmi Naidoo Natural pigments – ash from ash trees, charcoal from ash tre

Annabel Ralphs Grid theory Charcoal on paper

The Drawing Room at Wilcote Art