The Ridgeway

I walked the Ridgeway, an 87 miles ancient trackway that runs between Ivinghoe Beacon and Avebury, with two friends. We walked linear stretches over a 9 month period. The seasons passed. I saw the rough ploughed fields of winter become swards of spring green, and summer meadows dance with wild flowers and tall grasses in high winds.

The use of collage enabled me to introduce both the static of the topography, and the dynamic movement in the meadows.

These works were shown at Wiclote Art Studios during Oxfordshire Artweeks 2019.


Ridgeway 3. Watercolour on paper – Version 3The Ridgeway (Winter)  90×70 cm

Ridgeway. Paper collage. 90cm x 70cm – Version 5The Ridgeway (Spring)  90×70 cm

Summer Meadow I  59 x 59 cm collage £410

Summer Meadow I  59×59 cm

Summer Meadow II 59x59 cm collage £410

Summer Meadow II  59x59cm

Meadow I. Collage. 66x86 – Version 2

Summer Meadow III 66x86cm