The Ridgeway

I walked the Ridgeway, an 87 miles ancient trackway that runs between Ivinghoe Beacon and Avebury, in linear stretches over a 9 month period. These works are an evocation of landscape and wild flower meadows I experienced.  Shown at Oxfordshire Artweeks 2019.

Winter  90 x 70 cm

Ridgeway 3. Watercolour on paper – Version 3

Spring   90 x 70 cm

Ridgeway. Paper collage. 90cm x 70cm – Version 5


Meadow I    66 x 86 cm

Meadow I. Collage. 66x86 – Version 2

Meadow II   59 x 59 cm


Meadow III  59 x 59 cm

Meadow III Collage 59x59